Posterior Capsule Opacification

When your cataract is removed, I take great care to preserve the capsule or skin of the human lens. I use this capsule to support the intraocular lens, keeping it away from nerves and blood vessels. In a proportion of eyes following cataract surgery the lens capsule becomes cloudy as a result of scarring, or growth of the remnants of the original lens (cataract) cells. Even though a huge amount of research and development goes into minimising the occurrence of this problem, particularly by intraocular lens manufacturers, this troublesome problem can still occur at any time over the first few years following surgery.

Clouding or opacification of your posterior lens capsuleb may cause cause glare, blur, haloes around lights, a loss of contrast and occasionally, a change of focus, in much the same way as cataract can do. The remedy for this problem is very simple. I make a small opening in the lens capsule using a YAG Laser, this is a simple, low-risk, outpatient procedure that is quick and totally painless and fully restores your vision on the day it is done.

YAG Laser Capsulotomy

Complications of YAG Capsulotomy

Significant complications of this procedure are rare.
Inflammation may occur, particularly when higher amounts of energy are used. Steroid drops will be given to reduce inflammation following this procedure if it has been necessary to use a high amount of energy.

Higher amounts of energy, particularly in susceptible eyes, may cause a rise in the eye pressure. In such cases a drop will be used to prevent a pressure rise. In particularly susceptible eyes with advanced glaucoma a course of drops or tablets may be given.

Retinal detachment is a rare complication of this procedure which occurs more commonly in eyes which were originally highly myopic. I will examine your retina thoroughly to make sure that there are no problems that need to be treated before doing the laser treatment.

In exceptionally rare cases, bacterial infection can be trapped inside the capsule, carrying out a YAG laser capsulotomy can allow this infection to spread.

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