Medical Treatment of Glaucoma

Glaucoma Drops

There are different groups or families of drugs which can be used as eye drops for the treatment of glaucoma. In each of these groups there are a number of different drugs, each of which has different advantages and disadvantages. I will advise you as to which drop I think is most likely to suit you, if you need treatment. Sometimes more than one drug is needed. There are some drugs which can be combined in one bottle, giving you the advantages of two drugs, but the convenience of only one type of drop.

Eye drops only control glaucoma, they do not cure it. Continued use of drops is essential to prevent loss of vision through progression of glaucoma.

Some patients may become sensitive to their eye drops. This sensitivity may be caused either by the drug, or by the preservative that is used to make the bottle last longer before it has to be discarded and replaced. Many drugs are now available in a preservative free form. I will advise you if I think that this is necessary.

If you are using eye drops and the eye becomes sore, red, itchy or produces a discharge, please get in touch to arrange an appontment soon.

Glaucoma Drops

How to Use Eye Drops

The video below shows how to put drops into your eyes. Although the video recommends leaving three minutes between two different types of drops, for glaucoma drops, where getting the maximum benefit from treatment is very important, I would recommend leaving ten minutes between drops.

Always read the information which comes with your drops.

After instilling drops, pressing on the very corner of your eyelids, by the side of your nose, will reduce the dose of drops getting down the tear drain into your nose. This may reduce the chance of generalised side-effects from the drops, but will not decrease the effective of the drop on your eye.

How to Use Eye Drops

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